• Cam Chain Tensioners & more

VTR1000F used parts & exhausts

In basic i will ship all parts worldwide except fueltanks and engines, these are shipped only within Europe.
Shipping allways with registered track and trace, payments with Paypal or by using banktransfer.
If you are looking for a specific part, email me using the contact page and give as much information as possible.

Available parts at the moment for the Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm / Superhawk model sc 36
Some parts available on Ebay
- Exhaust systems in high mount as well as standard
- Engines, cylinderheads, engine covers
- Frames, subframes, fairing parts, screens and seatcovers
- Brakediscs front and rear, brake hoses
- Suspension parts
- Airbox
- All electrical components